Grace Vissers

Resident at The Shepherd's Inn

I am now enjoying the family-like atmosphere at The Shepherd's Inn. 

I enjoy playing Bingo, Rummy and other games with the crowd.  We have so much fun here. 

My room offers privacy when I want it, including my own bathroom.  Many people find the location easy to find.

Agnes Samson

Resident at The Shepherd's Inn

I was amazed that I no longer had to worry about how I was going to get my daily chores done.

The staff takes good care of me and treats me well.

I can now enjoy carefree living with lots of enjoyable activities and socializing.

Grace Vissers

Former rehab visit resident at Good Shepherd Home

My son did a lot of research and felt strongly that Good Shepherd was the best place for me after my leg surgery.

I was surprised at seeing so many friends that live or visit here.

I'm so glad I came here and enjoy Al's Filling Station with my grandkids.

Deloris Ann Davis

Resident at The Shepherd's Inn

Even though I've only been here a short time, it already feels like home.

The staff is wonderful and even take me shopping.  I enjoy all of the activities as well as the group exercise.  The staff is there at a touch of the button that I carry with me.

Don & Frieda Feurig

Meadow Wood Tenants

Becoming tenants of Meadow Wood was an easy decision after volunteering for over 20 years, it already felt like home.

We still enjoy some light gardening, enjoy the outdoor gardens and sitting areas as well as the music.  We can watch the birds from our living room and never lack for something to do.

This community should be proud of such a great place.