Lorraine Matuszak

Former rehab resident

I just can't say enough about how much I loved being at Good Shepherd.

The food there was just wonderful.  At any given moment, the staff was right there when I needed them. 

The care there was nothing but the best.

Dorothy Schmit

Former rehab visit resident

Good Shepherd has become very dear to my heart.  I've been an employee, a volunteer and most recently a resident after an injury.  Being part of Good Shepherd for over 20 years has been like watching my second family grow. I am thankful for having a place like this to come to, and for all the tender, loving care I received to make me well.

Ron Thiel

Volunteer at Good Shepherd

I enjoy my volunteer work at Good Shepherd and the privilege to work with such fine, caring people. 

May God continue to bless the wonderful work that is carried on at Good Shepherd and the many really great people who daily give of their best to maintain such a necessary, loving and warm atmosphere for those that reside there.

Eugene Leach

Good Shepherd Resident with his wife, Jackie

Good Shepherd is perfect for a country kid like me.  I see people I know as well as meet new people.  I have so much more fun than sitting at home.

This place could not be better if I had dreamed it up myself.

We are so very blessed to have Good Shepherd in our lives.

Rosetta Henn

Good Shepherd Resident

Being at Good Shepherd is like taking a history trip with all of the reminiscing I do with many from my community about our shared past.  There is never a dull moment with all the many activities going on.

The staff makes all of us feel like we are part of one big family.  We learn from the staff, as they learn things from us.