Elvira Bishop

Meadow Wood tenant

My son helped me find Meadow Wood, which to my surprise, has been three years ago.  I enjoy the companionship during meals, building puzzles and playing cards after living alone at home.  We take trips to stores, they clean for me and do my laundry, which allows me to live worry-free.  The good people here take great care of me.  I am so glad that I came to Meadow Wood.

Lois Volkman

Cedar Rehab resident with physical
therapy assistant, Tracy Legg

I feared I would loose my independence by coming here after knee surgery, but instead, I gained my independence more quickly because my recovery is faster.

I feel safe and secure with trained professionals and not a burden on my family. 

My new room is fully handicapped accessible which  makes getting around a breeze.  Therapy, which is conveniently located just down the hall, is so much more advanced than it was 14 years ago.

Larry Drephal

Larry Drephal receiving outpatient occupational therapy
pictured with his wife, Peggy

"Friends highly recommended Good Shepherd for the outpatient therapy that Larry required after a fall.  Good Shepherd is also closer and more convenient.
We are impressed with the leaps and bounds Larry has made in his recovery in the few months since starting therapy. We wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without the excellent guidance and motivation of the staff."
Larry and Peggy Drephal

Ruth Selmer

Short-term Resident, Cedar Lane Private Rehab Suite

Cedar Lane Rehab Suites have been a blessing after my recent hip injury.  I didn't want to stay in Green Bay because my home is here.  I'm reassured that help is always close by and easily alerted.  I enjoyed the convenience of the roll-in bath and shower which made me more comfortable.  There is great rapport between residents and staff.  My friends and family enjoying visiting me here.