Wisconsin Coalition for Collaborative Excellence in Assisted Living

Good Shepherd Assisted Living communities are members of WCCEAL. WCCEL is a group of people organized to improve outcomes of folks living in Wisconsin Assisted Living facilities.

Quality improvement variables help our community spot trends, compare us to our peers and give/receive feedback from our tenants, families and staff. Areas such as activities, environment, meals & dining, health management, resident rights and staffing are some topics we ask our tenants to rate. Asking our tenants what they want and how we can improve their living experience is part of our Person Centered Program.

WCCEAL requires us to collect tenant satisfaction surveys yearly and compares us to other like facilities throughout Wisconsin. We are also required to submit quality improvement variables on a quarterly basis which is specific to our facility. These reports help us set our goals as we look at improving our environments.

We look at WCCEAL as being an asset to our Assisted Living Communities at Good Shepherd. Tenant and resident feedback assists us in improving and aligning our services to the expectations of those we serve