Music and Memory Initiative

Good Shepherd was selected to be one of 100 nursing homes in the state of Wisconsin to be part of the Music and Memory Initiative. Music and Memory is a unique program for persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Each participant in the program receives their own iPod shuffle and headphones. With the help of the participant and his/her family the iPod is to be loaded with their favorite music (songs, artists, genres, etc). No two iPods have the same music selection. Having the opportunity to listen to their preferred music enhances their quality of life by tapping into memories that haven’t been affected by memory loss. When listening to the music, it appears that the participants are happier and more calm. Many of the participants sing a long and tap their feet to the music; one even asked the staff to dance with him.

Through the initiative, Good Shepherd received 15 iPod shuffles, 15 headphones, 15 chargers, 1 portable speaker, 2 headphone splitters (for 2 people to listen together), and $150 in iTunes gift cards.